Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta

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Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta

On August 28th, 2007 there was a spectacular total lunar eclipse visible from the West Coast of the US. I spent 7 hours in the mountains behind my house photographing the event. I knew that I wanted to depict the arc of the moon as it progressed through the phases of the eclipse as I have seen done using multiple exposures on film. Since the 5D doesn't allow multiple exposures, I shot a couple hundred images of just the moon with a 300 mm lens, and a separate background image of Pilot Rock and Mt. Shasta right before sunrise. In Photoshop I created a composite of 20 moon images arranged in an arc on my background shot.

Lens Canon 300mm and Canon 28-135mm Camera Canon EOS 5D Format 12 MP Raw

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